The Bushier the Better

     Spring/Summer 2010 was when everything eyebrow related changed. Runway shows like DKNY sported models with full, filled in, bushy eyebrows. In the past, fuller eyebrows have always been viewed as unkempt and not pretty. But things have taken a turn.
(Camilla Belle has perfectly shaped thick eyebrows)

     Because I'm a redhead, my eyebrows are very light and not super noticeable. The other day, I was sitting at home bored and I decided that maybe it was time I jumped on the bandwagon-or at least tried it out! I think the darker eyebrows made me look a bit more European. (Ignore the hair, clothes, etc. This was really late at night! haha)

Im not sure how i feel about it yet. So what do you think? Are you trying the full eyebrow trend? Or keeping them nice and thinned up? Or do you not even groom your eyebrows in the first place?

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