Fall Florals

(Dress-H&M, Shoes-Charlotte Russe, Vintage Sunglasses and Jewelry, Purse-Guess)

As fall nears, my go to outfit consists of a pretty dress and these boots. No matter what I pair them with, they work. Just high enough that I feel like I am wearing nice heels, but low enough that I can comfortably walk in all day. The gray is my absolute favorite color for fall. Also, the slits on this dress were a life saver today. Even though it was chilly in the morning, it was near 90 degrees in the afternoon. Another wonderful summer-to-fall transitioning piece. 
P.S.-I love this perfectly rustic barn as a background. 

Teddy Bear Love

Today was a bittersweet day. My best friend leaves for college in four days, and I am sad about that to say the least. We decided almost a year ago that before we left for school, six hours apart nonetheless, we would Build-A-Bear for each other. It was such a fun day, getting to be little kids again, picking out clothes, making a wish on the bear, and we even recorded personal messages for each other inside the cute little teddies.

 (She has to look stylish in some aviators, that's a given.)

(We even made t-shirts for them, with our school emblems. Personalization makes all the difference.)


All Tied Up

(Insert cheesy Seventeen model pose.)
(shirt- forever 21, shorts-new york and company, oxfords-macy's, jewels- forever21/self made)

This morning, I had to drive to a doctors appointment so I didn't want anything too complicated. This ended up perfect for later in the day when I ran errands with my best friend. It got a little humid outside so the breezy shirt was perfect, especially when I tied it up in a cute knot. We stopped in a little cove in the woods and I had my friend take some quick outfit shots. Sorry if they are blurry! It was a very spur of the moment thing.

(The cross ring is a project I made in school this year. It's perfectly un-perfect and I wear it almost every day.) 

(A new hairstyle I tried today: the waterfall braid. It quick and cute, and keeps the hair out of my face all day.)


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Personally, I am not much of a baker. Nevertheless, one thing that I will always willingly make is a cupcake. I love the small personal size and the fact that the flavor combinations are almost endless. Cupcakes are a great place to get creative in the kitchen. However, when I woke up this morning I knew I wanted to attempt a classic. Red Velvet Cupcakes. A few weeks ago I had the chance to travel to San Jose, California where I discovered Love's Cupcakes.  This small and quaint bakery specializes in Red Velvet cupcakes among other tasty morsels. Since eating one of their masterpieces, I've been determined to try and recreate the deliciousness.

I made the batter from this recipe. Mixing in the red is always my favorite part.

When the cupcakes came out, most of them were extremely crumbly. after I managed to save a few, I had this bowl of cupcake crumbs and I had decided to try and make something out of them. I grabbed a parfait glass and put in alternating layers of crumbs, raspberries, and cream cheese icing. 
It seems like a weird combination, but the raspberries perfectly grounded the sweetness from the icing and cake. 
There were a few cupcakes that did turn out as expected. They weren't nearly as good as the cupcakes at Love's Bakery, but for my first attempt, I'm pretty pleased.


On the Edge

It was 6a.m. I made plans to go running with a friend, and while I had all the motivation in the world last night, I regretted it this morning. All I wanted to do was to continue snuggling under my comforter in my perfect queen size bed. However, I ended up forcing myself to get out of bed, put on some workout clothes, and drive to meet her. In the end, I'm glad I pushed myself. To go run further and faster each day. And to get out of bed in the first place.

In many ways, fashion is the same as working out. You have to stay creative, otherwise things get stale. Music is always a prime source of inspiration. And last but not least, you have to push yourself.

To some people, this concept comes naturally, effortlessly. You know who I'm talking about. The fashionistas you see walking down the street in outfits you dream about. (Literally, this is what I dream about.) You think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of putting that together?!" I always take inspiration from these girls, encouraging myself to think outside-the-box and break some rules. Things that were once fashion no-nos turn into the biggest runway fad. All it takes is one person who is willing to take the chance. So next time you're getting dressed, working out or anything else for that matter, remember to push yourself to the edge.

"In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits."


Old to New

Every season trends are re-created. 70's style high-waisted jeans, floral tunics, bright color blocking have been a few of the popular options this year. However, one of my favorite pieces for this upcoming fall are loafers.
Long since are the days of the dreaded loafer. Ugly, square toe, chunky heel, and no imagination or creativity for miles. As I've started shopping for some new fall staples the options for chic loafers astounds me. Will you choose a pair of cheetah printed loafers from Topshop? The studded flats from Christian Louboutin? Or something else? Anyway you go, the possibilities are endless.

Changes Everywhere

Hello, hello! Welcome to Studying in Heels. My first year of college is fast approaching and I decided it was now or never- what's holding me back from starting this blog?! It's been something i wanted to do for a long time. I've created a place where I can share everything I love with you. Fashion, food and music to name a few. Sometimes change can be scary, but in this case nothing could be better. 

"Lack of passion is fatal. Embrace your dreams."