Clean Slate.

Interior design is only something that I've grown an interest for in the past few months. From finding a few amazing interior blogs I've been exposed and I have to say...I'm hooked. In my mind interior design and fashion are so related that it seems natural for me to want to style houses just as much as i want to style people. Completely white palettes are my favorite for the crisp sophistication and these bedrooms are making me swoon.
How amazing is this build in bed?!


Alexander McQueen.

"I was thinking about a woman as an object of desire. We go to such lengths to adorn ourselves that we almost become our clothes or are taken over by them. This is a collection about excess - an exploration of ideals of beauty at their most extreme." - Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander McQueen

I found this video on one of my new favorite blogs (FuckSexWeJustWantClothes) and thought it was amazing. Many people don't like Sarah Burton for McQueen, but I think the clothes she makes are beyond gorgeous. This has to be one of my favorite collections from her so far and all I want to do is sit here and watch the video over and over again.


The Long and Short of It.

I've always been a "dresses or skirts" girl. Never one for shorts. But I've been finding so much shorts inspiration lately, I'm thinking we might be able to work things out this summer. If mother nature ever cooperates, that is. 
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