Monochromatic Prepster

(Jacket-Macy's, Shirt-New York & Co., Skirt-Express, Shoes/Necklace-Forever21, Headband-Target)

This shirt/necklace combination is the only thing that could possibly make me happy on such a dreary fall day. Oh, and spinning around in my flouncy skirt in the middle of campus for everyone to see. 

Overcast Wind

 (Shoes-Charlotte Russe, Jeans-Earnest Sewn[Nordstrom], Top-Forever21, Vest-New York & Co., Gold Chain Necklace-Vintage, Green Necklace-Allison's Jewelers)

Some quick pictures of my outfit yesterday. It was a busy day so comfort was in mind, and I had absolutely NO inspiration when I woke up. Do you ever have days like that? What are your go-to solutions? It was a typical windy fall day, so I tried to get some shots with the wind blowing, but it didn't work out as planned-ha!-so these are the best results. Have a happy Tuesday! 


Change of Atmosphere

  (Sweater-DKNY, Romper-Forever21, Tights-H&M, Shoes-Charlotte Russe, Random Ribbon Belt, Orange Necklace-Macy's, Gold Neacklace-Forever21)

The weather this week is an absolute tease. It has been in the 40's and 50's for weeks now, raining nonstop and being completely gross outside. But this week it shot up to the 80's and I was completely unprepared. As you can see, I'm definitely in my fall/winter groove. I finally convinced my roommate/photographer to take some outside pictures because it was so gorgeous outside. This is going to be a more normal thing, as the pictures look way better.