College Fashionista.

Hi lovelies! Something a little different today. Besides this blog and my Tumblr, I write for a college street-style website called CollegeFashionista. They have Style Gurus all over the USA at different colleges scouting out stylish students and inspirational fashion. My posts go up every Wednesday and I'm going to start posting the links on here so you can go read them! Even if you don't like my specific posts, read some others. They have all sorts of topics such as How-To, Beauty, Workout Fashion and Fashion from Abroad. Honestly, I find inspiration on CF daily...street-style is so much fun!
Here is a little preview of today's post. Head over to CollegeFashionista to read the rest of it! Make sure you click "Like" at the bottom of the post, tweet the link, comment on it. I love the feedback guys! 

Read my post here.
Read other posts from my university here.
*If you are interested in being a Style Guru at your college email: apply@collegefashionista.com for more information.*