Knot Your Average Ring.

(Shirt, Sweater, Head Scarf-F21, Jewelry-Etsy, DIY, Charming Charlie, Jeans-Delias)
When I got dressed, I unknowingly paid homage to Forever21. I guess that happens sometimes when you get dressed as you're running out the door. The big stone ring is one of my favorites now-I feel very "MK Olsen" when I wear all of my huge rings. And the knot ring was purchased on Etsy after a fellow blogger posted about the new trend (I can't remember who it was so if you do, let me know!). I've been wearing it nonstop-I love that it's almost unnoticeable. 

PS-My hair was inspired by this picture. Basically braid random chunks, knot up with a scarf, and throw in some bobbypins. Taa-Daaa! 
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