It's the Small Things

I know, it's been forever since i posted! Well, actually it has only been about two days. Either way, I'm sorry! Yesterday was my first official day of college! I woke up at it was a 4a.m. morning and a night that lasted well past 2a.m. You can understand why I was a little tired. It was a blast though, so I'm not complaining! Anyways, I snapped a few shots of some of my favorite parts of my new home for the nest nine months.
(Before I left, one of my best friends baked homemade pink lemonade cupcakes for me. They were delish.)

(Some of my favorite shoes hanging off my bed in our dorm. Great shoes should always be out on display!)

(Books I brought, including one of my old favorites by Whitney Port.)

(A vintage veggie platter that I use to display my favorite earrings/rings.)

(Bright containers for my jewelry keeps the room fun.)

I promise normal outfit posts and whatnot will be back soon once I get settled into the routine of things here!


From A to Zoe

     Today was a day of luxury. Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Brian Atwood, and Marc Jacobs to name a few. Unfortunately, I have been living vicariously through one of the worlds most popular stylists- Rachel Zoe. Re-runs of her show "The Rachel Zoe Project" were on all day while I was packing. It reminded me of how much I aspire to have a life like hers. Although it is stressful to say the least...styling celebrities, hanging out with designers, and flying all over the world to see fashion shows every season would be a dream come true. 
     One thing I love most about Rachel is her signature style: wide-leg jeans, an oversized tee shirt, fitted blazer, sky high heels, and sunnies. I was totally inspired by her wardrobe throughout the show today, and I think this is what I'll be living in for the next month. Albeit, with some trendy fall '11 tweaks.
I did some research so that you could see some options on how to recreate her look for yourself.

Wide Leg Jeans- Forever 21 $22.80

If you want the jeans Zoe is actually wearing, she swears by the "Ginger" flared jeans from 7 for All Mankind. 


Black Eyed Susans

Today, one of my last free days before I move off to college, what did I do? Shop of course. My younger brother is going into 8th grade and I wanted to help him get a fresh, new look this year. We shopped at Target and found some amazing steals. He's going to be the cool-kid-on-the-block this year, no doubt about it.

(Dress-Gap, Shoes-Forever21, Shirt, Necklace, Bracelets-Vintage)
I wanted something comfy to shop in so I wore this cotton dress. It has a tendency to make me look a few sizes larger than I actually am (and who wants that?!) so I belted it with my favorite denim button up. A few gold/retro inspired accessories and a messy bun courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere, and I was all set.

 P.S. Don't you just love the wall of flowers behind me? They popped up out of nowhere.


Food and Warmth.

Yesterday, I was running a few last minute errands with one of my friends. We are both going off to college in a matter of days, and being the procrastinators we are, there were things we needed to pick up before we leave. We made trips to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Wal-Mart to name a few. We also stopped at a local thrift store where I found some awesome fall essentials would have been pretty expensive anywhere else.
P.S. I'm sorry if all of these things are extremely boring to everyone else in the world besides me. :)
 (A wonderfully thick boyfriend-type cardigan in navy)
 (A new plain denim button up)
I'm planning on bleaching this and distressing it a bit. If you want to see a post about that let me know!
 (Luscious wool sweater in a perfect beige)
(This thick cape is the perfect coat for this winter. The vintage-y buttons plaid lining makes me even happier.)

In the midst of our shopping, we stopped at Panera Bread. This is a nice little cafe-style restaurant that I love to eat at whenever I get the chance. Most of the time I get this greek salad, decadent flower cookie, and green tea.