Casual Wednesday

I somehow find, you and I collide

My go-to outfit for mornings when I'm running late but don't want to look like a bum.

     Today was one of my more laid back days of class. However, my roommate (and photographer) and I have completely opposite schedules. I have spinning class on Wednesdays, so by the time we both got back to our room, I was in my workout clothes and sweaty. When I realized she hadn't gotten any pictures of my outfit today, honestly I got a little depressed. Then an idea came to me... Polyvore! This is a site that is relatively new to me (Blair Fowler mentioned it in a recent video) but it's SO easy to figure out. Basically once you sign up, you can make "sets" like the picture I have above. You can search the data base for a picture of any piece of clothing, shoes, bags, you name it. They have everything. Then you assemble all of your pictures and can add details like a background, border, text, etc. It's the easiest way I've found to make collages for this blog, but you can also just browse other sets and get inspired.
     The dress, boots, and bag I wore today aren't the exact ones shown above, but they look almost identical. I did find my dress at a thrift store, so it was a little cheaper. The backpack is the same as the one I use for school (mine was from Urban Outfitters) and I love it. It's sturdy and holds everything I need, but it still looks fashionable. If you are not going to school though, I found a chic maroon fringe bag that I though would look amazing with the stripes and riding boots for this fall. Now, this is a nice casual outfit for daytime. If you're going out for night, you can keep the fringe bag and add some gold jewelry to the ensemble, or switch up the shoes for some metallic gold pumps like these from Aldo. Either way, this dress works wonderfully in day or night.

P.S.-I'm fully aware that these are not "cowboy" boots, however that is what I end up calling them 90% of the time! :)

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