It's the Small Things

I know, it's been forever since i posted! Well, actually it has only been about two days. Either way, I'm sorry! Yesterday was my first official day of college! I woke up at it was a 4a.m. morning and a night that lasted well past 2a.m. You can understand why I was a little tired. It was a blast though, so I'm not complaining! Anyways, I snapped a few shots of some of my favorite parts of my new home for the nest nine months.
(Before I left, one of my best friends baked homemade pink lemonade cupcakes for me. They were delish.)

(Some of my favorite shoes hanging off my bed in our dorm. Great shoes should always be out on display!)

(Books I brought, including one of my old favorites by Whitney Port.)

(A vintage veggie platter that I use to display my favorite earrings/rings.)

(Bright containers for my jewelry keeps the room fun.)

I promise normal outfit posts and whatnot will be back soon once I get settled into the routine of things here!


Melina said...

looooooooove the cupcakes1

Addie said...

Nude Candie's pumps. Cannot believe my little shoe tip has made your display wall. ;)