Cargo Madness

(Parka-Brand Daisy Fuentes [from khols?], Sweater-Old Navy, Jeans-Forever21, Floral Shoes-Forever21, Gold Shoes-Laila Rose [I think?], Necklace-Vintage, Ring-Wal-Mart)

The weather is so unpredictable these days. I don't know if I should wear a knit sweater or a tank top. Anyways, this jacket has been on and off for days. I wear it with everything. The floral shoes are my favorite but give me such bad blisters I always have to take them off. 
I've been thinking/starting to plan my study abroad for my junior year in school. The most common one is Florence, Italy but don't you think Tokyo or Honk Kong would be so amazing?! The fashion in those countries is ALWAYS on top and the street style is amazing. Any thoughts? I've been reading a blog my friend recently showed by called By Celina and her travel photos have me itching to go abroad.


Natalie Suarez said...




velocijenny said...

pictures by the window, pictures by the window, oh how i love the pictures by the window!!!!! fantastic lighting, it makes the outfit pop! and yay "by celina"! haha the shoes are super cute, did i see those before you left?? anyways, i love this entry, keep 'em coming, and btw i think florence. for sure.

Bang and Buck said...

great look. massive fan of the parka!


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