Simplistic View

(Shirt-vintage, Pants-Forever21, Shoes-JCPennys, Necklace-Thrift Store in my hometown)

Lately, I've been into very simplistic outfits. It seems more chic for this fall. Simple knits in chic shapes, classic bottoms, and minimal jewelry. This denim button down has been a staple in my wardrobe since i purchased it and paired with a nice maroon jean and thick gold chain, it really had the chance to shine. The hair I wore was inspired by this photo from Brazil's Spring/Summer '12 Fashion Week. It looks messy and complicated but if you can part your hair and braid it really is wonderful. Let me know if you try it out!
Paula Raia at São Paulo Fashion Week S/S '12
(Insert: pictures of my hair taken at very awkward and uncomfortable angles. )


velocijenny said...

i like the hair!, i might have to try that out here soon, love the pants, when did you get those???

cassie said...

definitely try it! send me pictures. thanks love, some random girl in high school i think :P