Garden Friends

(All of Taylor's Outfit can be found at Macy's. Most of Kate's outfit can be found at Dillard's.)

Hi all! About a week ago I was out and about with my two best friends here at school, Taylor (shown first) and Kate. On our way back form shopping (how typical! We are all fashion majors haha) we stumbled upon this GORGEOUS garden in front of a church. I immediately made them stop and take pictures with me. 
Since both of them were wearing cute outfits as well, of course!, I decided to do a little improv photoshoot with all three of us. Aren't they both gorgeous and so photogenic?! The background really was amazing, and I'm sure I will be dragging Taylor back over there in the future to take more pictures. 
This last picture is a sneak peak of the outfit I was wearing this day. Post to come soon:).

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Taylor said...

<3 i love it!