(Faux Fur Vest, Shirt/Boots/Clutch/Jewelry-Vintage, Jeans-Delia's)

Last night I had the chance to get a little more dressed up than normal. As some of you may know, I am at college studying fashion and most of my friends here are fashion majors as well. One of my best friend Kate (seen here) is a design major and last night was the annual freshman fashion show. It's a chance for them to make a name for themselves among all of their classmates and show their talents. I'm so proud of her because Kate placed THIRD out of 133 people! She did amazingly. And it was so great being in a room with so many other fashion majors. So much inspiration and creativity. 
(This is Kate with her model, Taylor. The dress is made from capri sun pouches, VHS tape and flooring!)

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Anonymous said...

Your outfit is really cute! I bought a faux fur vest but have yet to wear it... I like the way you wore yours!